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Good bye =)

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Good bye =)

Postby Kurre » 11 Nov 2016, 21:03


Since the server is empty and i was asked to join to other clan ill leave sky-e (pron).
Had a lot of fun on the server and made some friends. I wish all of you good luck and hopefully ill see as many of you as possible in game =) I will still try to join the server on saturday games and come to kick your asses.

Thanks for all the fun times we had for past 2 years =)


(ill take my levels off)
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Re: Good bye =)

Postby belstgut » 14 Nov 2016, 09:34

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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Re: Good bye =)

Postby Yohad » 17 Nov 2016, 10:17

"We all live under the same heaven but we do not all have the same horizon."
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Re: Good bye =)

Postby Karandi » 12 Dec 2016, 18:31

R.I.P Kurre. :cry:
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