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Good Bye :/

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Good Bye :/

Postby Blue » 23 Sep 2016, 17:37

Hi Guys just wont to say i leave the clan. :(
My reasons are the clan is to inactive, the proN. server is everytime empty if i join.
I will miss you guys :/
I look for a new clan and i think i will join =FA= Clan bec. its a active clan and i play a lot at the server from FA.

Good bye guys i hope to see you guys at some server again
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Re: Good Bye :/

Postby Santa » 28 Sep 2016, 06:04

Hmmm, no reply until now?? Damn Discord :D

Yeah, fully understandable, Blue..... its no fun to play on a empty server....

But i thinkk we don´t need Wolfenstein ET to be a Clan... We can play other games together like e.g. Dirty Bomb, CS:GO, COD Overwatch and so on.

Join the Discord-Channel to stay in contact...

Have fun mate. I will see you on Steam.
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Re: Good Bye :/

Postby belstgut » 28 Sep 2016, 08:57

:cry: :cry: join discord though :D keep in contact ^^
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Re: Good Bye :/

Postby Kurre » 30 Sep 2016, 15:55

sad to see you leaving but good luck to you for joining fa :) see you soon mate
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Re: Good Bye :/

Postby Der Pate » 17 Oct 2016, 05:37

Thank you Blue, and have a good one!
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Re: Good Bye :/

Postby Moobz » 24 Oct 2016, 13:51

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Re: Good Bye :/

Postby Karandi » 12 Dec 2016, 18:32

Who will be the next? :(((((((((
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